Thursday, September 6, 2007

DREAM ... Follow Your Talents ... You never know where it will lead

Go over to the Loop de Loops blog by Kay (use this link below):

Yes, go NOW! STOP reading here and go there. Listen to Jimmy then pause Kay's playlist and click on the video.

Go on. Git! Scat! I'll be here when you get back.

Okay, you've been there. You watched the video. Did you survive her dare?

I didn't. And I already knew that he got three resounding "yes" votes.

I heard about this, and an excerpt of him singing, on the classic music radio station I tune to in the car. Came in on a debate in-progress about whether it is "proper" that an amateur should sing opera and do so well in such a "vulgar" popular venue.

The opera snobs were upset by this. Music lovers, in general, though, find this to be thrilling.

I'm really sad that Pavarotti died; I used to love to hear him sing this song. It was almost "his" song. But this guy, to be honest, I like singing it even more than I liked hearing Pavarotti sing it. :-)

Never underestimate your dreams, your talents, your gifts. They are yours. Treasure them but nurture and use and follow them.

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