Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blog Site Launched ...

... but not into space.

I spent my day, though, "Lost in Cyberspace."

Desperate to find out about the brand new Fall 2007 Catalogue from The Angel Company(tm), which debuted Thursday night, 6 PM CT, at the company's annual Seminar (convention) in Kansas City, I ended up wandering around, and stumbled into the crater field of stampers' blogs.


Wow! There are some extremely talented people out there. And I enjoyed my journey through their thoughts, their artwork, and the bits and pieces of their lives that they share in their postings.

One wonderful Angel has posted photos of the display boards from Seminar. You can see them here: (I think: the typepad blog site is down right now, so I can't double check ...)

The samples are awesome this year. I hven't been all that interested in purchasing the TAC papers until I saw these samples. WOW!

(I think I am over-using that word, but right now it is the best one I can come up with ... brain's just a little fried at this hour of the night.)

THANKS to all the creative and wonderful stamping, scrapping, item-altering, creative, crafty and conscious people out there who are posting their thoughts and activities to help make a disconnected world a little more connected in good ways.

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