Sunday, November 25, 2007

I've moved ...

Come on over and share a cup of hot cocoa with me in the new place: Suse Ink. It's a place to find out about rubber stamping, scrapbooking and other artsy and crafty things. Mostly, using rubber stamps from The Angel Company(tm), and occasionally a few others that I already have in my collection.

Do you ever read the scrapping magazines and see those articles about those lovely organized stamp rooms? Have you ever been amazed when the article says that this highly organized and very creative person owns a number of stamps that includes 4 or 5 zeros in the number?

I know I was absolutely shocked the first time I saw such a number. I really didn't believe it was possible to own that many rubber stamps.

Then I started wandering around the Internet looking at the offerings from the companies that are out there; there are literally thousands of possiblities. I suppose it is possible, then, to own so many.

Well, I've never counted up my stamps, but I'm sure it isn't that many. I buy in sets because it is so much less expensive than buying the individual stamps from the stamp stores. My competitor in the rubber stamp direct sales business sells sets that cost about half of what it would cost to go to the store and buy similar stamps individually. And then at The Angel Company(tm), Angels (who are independent distributors) sell stamp sets that run about 2/3 the cost of those offered by our biggest competitor. How can we do that?

A huge part of the cost of rubber stamps is the oak handles they are mounted on. At The Angel Company(tm) the philosophy is to offer high quality rubber in an "unmounted" form. Cling cushion is provided instead of the permanent adhesive cushion for wood mounting. This cling cushion "sticks" to acrylic, then can be peeled off with no damage to the stamp of the acrylic for storage.

Acrylic blocks are available in a huge variety of sizes to hold your stamps while working with them. Most stamps can then be stored in CD cases for easy, compact storage.

Samples and techniques and so much more will be filling up the posts over at the new place. Mug mats are provided, mugs and cocoa mix are there too. Hope to see you soon over at

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