Friday, July 6, 2007

AWESOME way to use up a ream (plus) of paper

I hate to admit it, but I used up more than a ream of paper printing off free issues of an on-line magazine and newsletter. At least it was recycled paper ... but still ...

Normally, I would be angry at myself for using up so much paper; **sigh** so many trees. And being a paper artist, paper is an important commodity to me; but being a person who loves God's creation, trees are an even more important commodity.

However, as paper is available with "post consumer" recycled content, and most paper companies plant and replant the stands of trees they use for papermaking, it is a sort of renewable resource.

So, if you like having something in your hands when you read it, and like having it in a notebook or in a file for easy reference at at future date, be sure you have plenty of paper for your computer printer when you check out:

The click on the links for the What Next? online magazine and the Whatever ... Whenever newsletter.

The projects and art design lessons in these publications are fantastic. The projects are sort of designed to get you to purchase some of the products that Cre8it sells, but after looking through these projects, I'm planning to purchase some of the Sheer Heaven very very soon!

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